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Environmental Health Specialties is committed to protecting you from disease transmission and improving health of the environment through professional services, based on current science and comprehension of nature's balance.

Food Safety

Environmental Health Specialties is dedicated to prevention of disease. One of the means by which we promote healthy living is through teaching food safety to the public and staff of food establishments of safe food handling practices.

John conducting ServSafe Food Manager's Certification Course

John Shrader has been engaged in food safety since 1985 as an health inspector, regulator and educator with the City of Baytown Environmental Health Department.  Today he provides food safety education throughout the greater Houston area as a certified ServSafe® Food Manager Certification Instructor and Proctor of Exams.

While the course and certification was conceived for food establishment management and employees, the information is valid and important for all of us, the public is encouraged to attend.

Food factors into our health and well being every day of our lives.  Food borne illness can happen to any of us if we or those who prepare it for us are not aware of and vigilent to prevention of the potential hazards.

Safe sources, hand washing, time and temperature control,  cross contamination; all play into the equation.  You are invited no matter your vocation or inclination to register for the next ServSafe® Food Managers Certification Course and Exam.  Please contact John and Environmental Health Specialties to reserve a seat.

Online registration! 

Coming soon:   Credit Card Payment Online.  For now, please contact John Shrader directly to enroll.