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Environmental Health Specialties is committed to protecting you from disease transmission and improving health of the environment through professional services, based on current science and comprehension of nature's balance.

Integrated Pest Management

Environmental Health Specialties is committed to prevention of disease transmission and nuisance abatement of pests and service excellence. We are honored that you would consider us to serve your pest control needs. Our mission is to honestly assess your pest control needs and to provide an effective means of control.  We perform Integrated Pest Management (IPM) services.  IPM is a six step method that includes inspection, identification, assessment, application, coordination of correction of structural issues that lead to entrance of pests or conditions conductive to their harborage and feeding, and monitoring. Application of pesticides is only one component to the service.These applications are specifically applied to each property by our continually trained pest technicians to resolve even the most difficult of pest invasions.All of the materials applied are E.P.A. registered pesticides specifically selected to suit the control need and proven to be effective in the real world. Our comprehensive pest control program is regulated by the Texas Department of Agriculture.Your Initial IPM Service Includes:
  • Consultation
  •  Inspection and Needs Assessment
  • Appropriate application of minimal amounts of pesticides to include Baits, Dusts, Granules, Liquid Pesticides (repellent & non repellent) and Insect Growth Regulators as dictated by the need.
  • Trapping and monitoring
  • Discuss need and means to create barriers and reduce attractions.

The EHS IPM Program is generally effective in residences when performed twice per year, however all properties are different and require consideration of actual need.  Commercial accounts vary with size and operation.

Eastern Subterranean Termite Tunnels on Foudation

EHS Manages: Roaches, Ants, Fleas, Flies, Rodents, Termites, Wasps, Bees, Spiders, Ticks and other Occasional Invaders like opossums and armadillos.
New to our area: an invasive species of ant known as the Rasberry Crazy Ant.  We can help.

Rasberry Crazy Ants in Electrical Control Panel

For a free phone consultation and to schedule a visit to your home or office click here or call (281) 428-2648.

Click here to visit the http://urbanentomology.tamu.edu/   A leading source of education and information regarding pests in Texas.

To learn more about Term Particle Barrier for keeping Termites away, visit http://www.insectexclusion.com/