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Water Wells

Private Water Well 2-inch with Jet Pump

Water wells are a reliable source of water for both private and public consumption.  While they are generally safe sources of water (potable), there is always a possibility of contamination of a well which can cause health threats to those consume it.  This can occur during flood events, or if a sewage treatment system is too close, excessively used (abused), or many other potential contamination routes such as backflow of hazardous materials into the aquafer or another well that is not properly abandoned, and becomes a conduit of contamination into the water aquifer.

Environmental Health Specialties inspects and tests water wells for proper function, and contaminants.  The most common lab analysis is for total coliform.  This is a group of organisms that if present can indicate contamination of a well.   The well can be tested for a myriad of other agents and elements to the extent of comparison to EPA Drinking Water Standards.  Contact John Shrader at Environmental Health Specialties to set an appointment.