Environmental Health Specialties
Healthier Living through Natural Science
Environmental Health Specialties is committed to protecting you from disease transmission and improving health of the environment through professional services, based on current science and comprehension of nature's balance.

Health Inspections: Day Care, Foster Homes, Other

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Environmental Health Specialties provides health, sanitation and safety inspections for Day Cares and Foster Homes.

Nurseries: Where Personal Hygiene is Critical

Because we spend many hours each day within a single interior environment; residence, office, commercial, institutional, industrial facilities or school environments, the interior environment is a significant factor in the health of the persons who occupy the space.  There are many components to the interior quality; smoke, dust, mold, insect and rodent fecal matter, pet dander, vapors, construction materials, (lead, asbestos) ventilation, temperature control, humidity and moisture.

Library: A Place for Mental Awakening

John Shrader has been inspecting interior environments for safety, health and sanitation since 1985.  Most commonly these services are provided for day cares and foster homes to comply with State regulations for health and safety, but can be provided for any interior structure.  Generally speaking, homes, day cares, foster homes and other facilities are inspected visually for evidence of conditions that may contribute to adverse effects and potential safety hazards.    This is an effective and economical means of providing comfort to owners, operators and regulators that a facility is being adequately maintained to protect the health and welfare of the occupants.  If necessary more extensive testing of the environment can be arranged if there is justification of a need or a particular condition indicates that more investigation is necessary.  John is a Registered Sanitarian.