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Septic Systems /On Site Sewage Facilities (OSSF)

Do you have septic system concerns?  Environmental Health Specialties strives to be the only call you need to make.

Real Estate Inspections

Buying a home with a Septic Tank? Let us provide peace of mind before you buy, by inspecting the the septic system and providing a written report detailing the condition of the system.  Environmental Health Specialties inspects existing septic systems for real estate transactions for suitability of the intended use and potential to function before the sale of a property.

The Green Dye Indicates a Failure of a Standard Septic System

We perform Site Evaluations, compose Designs and Install new and replacement Septic Systems (On Site Sewage Facilities or OSSF) for both residential and commercial properties.  We provide Septic System Maintenance and Inspection Contracts for in use systems. 

Subdivisions  We conduct Feasibility Studies for Subdivision of Property where on site sewage treatment will be necessary.

Septic System Warning Signs

Do you have standing water, obnoxious odors, water plants or plumbing that won’t drain?  Do the discharge sprinklers run when it rains?  These are common warning signs that your septic system may not be able to do what it was intended.  Is the alarm going off?  Has the alarm been disconnected?  Contact us so that we can evaluate and repair the system.

We perform repairs and provide parts for OSSFs.  We use parts certified by the manufacturer for your unit.

Septic System Need to Fit You

Septic System Technology has dramatically improved over the years.  Demands that families and comercial operations place on septic systems can vary widely.  A septic system needs to fit your lifestyle and needs.  The minimum standards have changed to reflect advances in both characteristics of soil and technology of treatment systems.  If you are building a home or business or your septic tank or system has reached its limits and you require a new septic system, contact us.  We’ll guide you through the process of designing an effective system that will work, to installed and operating under legal permit and maintained by Environmental Health Specialties

600GPD OSSF Set in place

Site & Soil Evaluation & Design

Before an OSSF can be designed, the property must be properly evaluated for soil characteristics and boundaries.  The soil characterization considers such components as classification, texture, structure, restrictive horizons, groundwater and flood hazard.  The boundaries of a property are determined by more than the actual property lines.  There are limititions to development presented by neighboring property, easements and rights of way, bodies of water, public and private water wells, pools, gardens, and structures.  A proper design must consider all of these factors, but should also include the property occupants’ actual needs.  Minimum standards are established, but there are occasions where minimum standards are not adequate to serve the user.  This will lead to disappointment.  There is never a good time for that.  Environmental Health Specialties strives to provide the best system to fit the actual needs and expectations of the owner and user.  This is critical to protection of our environment and your happiness.  You expect it to work for many years to come.

Free Phone Consultation

No two septic projects are the same. We don’t believe in “one price or one size fits all”, because we know that your satisfaction depends upon the septic system working.  It should receive and effectively treat typical household wastewater, removing solids and pathogens from the effluent water, and safely disperse the treated effluent into the environment without nuisances of foul odor, ponding, or runoff and eliminate potential health hazards presented by pathogenic organisms that are commonly found in human wastes.  Call us for a free phone consultation now (281) 428-2648. We will schedule an on-site visit.

Newly set 600gpd OSSF for a single family home

Installation of Four 1000gpd Treatment Plants

Our Promise

We promise to deliver professional services in a prompt and reliable manner that will leave you knowing that you made the right decision by choosing Environmental Health Specialties.